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VoIP phone service is a technology that enable us communicate through Internet rather than old traditional phone systems. 

As we discussed on home page and how VoIP works, it is not hard to understand, let me break it down and categorize VoIP phone services as follows:

PC based VoIP phone service calls

When IP Telephony developed, the only available systems were PC based VoIP phone calls. Later it improved from basic PC to PC to advanced methods like web based sot-phones, phone to phone and so on forth. 

Following are the main PC based VoIP phone service categories:

Device based VoIP phone service calls

As the words tell, with device based VoIP phone call - you place a telephone call using or from a VoIP device to a regular phone or mobile.

Popular VoIP systems/services such as Call-Shop and Calling-Card can be offered through VoIP devices / Gateways such as:

Click on the links to learn about each device.

You may check VoIP devices page to learn about an overview of basic, intermediate and advanced hard phones.

Phone based VoIP phone service calls

Usually you won't require an Internet or VoIP device with phone based VoIP phone call except with a call-shop system.

If you ever visited a call-shop to make local or international call, there is definitely a VoIP gateway that was set up to by pass your phone calls. Most of the customers don't know or realize that.

Following are most known phone based VoIP calls:

  • Call-Back
  • Call-Shop
  • Calling Card
  • Mobile VoIP

Feel free to check the links below to navigate further or leave a comment should you have a suggestion or something to add. 

Business VoIP Phone Service Providers

Provider Name

Monthly Cost

More Info & Details

Vonage Logo

From $19.99 - $24.99 / Month

Visit Vonage page

RingCentral Logo

From $24.95 - $44.95/Month/User 

Visit RingCentral page

Jive Logo

From $19.95 - $29.95/mo

More info about Jive

Nextiva Logo

From $19.95 - $29.95 / Month  

Visit Nextiva link

8x8 Logo

From $24.99 / Month - UP (Varies)

Visit 8x8 page

For more details or list of companies visit business VoIP providers.

Residential VoIP Phone Service Providers

Provider Name

Monthly cost

More Info & Details

AXvoice Logo

From $8.25 - $16.58 / Month

Visit AXvoice link

PhonePower Logo

From $8.33 - $24.95 / Month

Visit PhonePower link

ITP Voip Logo

From $9.99 - $24.99 / Month

Visit ITP Voip link

Vonage Logo

From $19.99 - $24.99 / Month

Visit Vonage page

Voipo Logo

From $15.00 / Month

Visit Voipo link

For more details or list of companies visit residential VoIP providers

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