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This page provides you a list of residential VoIP providers that offer cheap home phone services. The rapid increasing of broadband Internet access/usage is also causing to increase the demand for VoIP home phone service. When you switch to VoIP you easily can take advantage of your Internet for making and receiving telephone calls via your DSL or cable Internet. 

Some of the main benefits and features of VoIP are as follows:

  • Free and low cost benefits
  • Free Rich features such as voice-mail, caller ID, call waiting
  • Flexibility & Freedom - with VoIP you are not limited to a location

For more info about VoIP for home use, visit residential VoIP services page.

Now let's list and talk about residential VoIP provider and companies that offers low cost Internet phone services for your home. Feel free to join the discussion, comment, rate and review a provider at the bottom of this page.

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Axvoice Logo

AXvoice is a one of the leading residential VoIP providers, the company also provides  phone services to businesses in Canada and the United States. AXvoice's headquarter is in Brooklyn, United States and it was founded in 2005.

Products, Services & Solutions:

  • Home phone service
  • Business VoIP phone services
  • International calls
  • Mobile VoIP (mVoIP)

Plans & Pricing:

  • Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calling
  • Keep Your Existing Number
  • E911 Support
  • Free Hardware & Activation
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 30+ Calling Features
AXvoice Home Phone Service Plans

Details & Links:

For more details such as plans, pricing, ratings, reviews and contact information about the company visit AXvoice link.

PhonePower Logo

PhonePower offers VoIP phone services to residential and small business. The company was founded in 2005 and currently serves throughout Canada and the United States.

Products and Services:

  • Domestic Calls
  • International Calls 
  • Hosted PBX
  • SIP Trunking 

Plans and Pricing:

PhonePower Home Phone Service Plans

Details & Links:

To read more about this provider, rate and write a review continue your visit by clicking on PhonePower page.

ITP Logo

ITP VoIP provides Internet phone services to residential, small home office and business users. 

Products, Services & Solutions:




Plans & Pricing:

ITP VoIP Residential Plans

Details & Links:

To read more about this provider, rate and write a review continue your visit by clicking on ITP page.

Vonage is one of the leading VoIP providers, headquartered is in Holmdel, New Jersey. Currently Vonage offers services in Canada, UK and USA.  

Products, Services & Solutions:

  • Conferencing
  • Contact Center
  • Integrations
  • VoIP For Home
  • Automation
  • Unified Communications
  • mVoIP (Mobility)
  • SIP Trunking
  • Business Phone Systems
  • Hosted Phone Systems
  • Automation

Plans & Pricing:

Vonage Canada

Residential Plan - $9.99  - $32.99 /Mo

Vonage USA

Residential Plan  - $9.99 - 24.99 /mo 

Vonage UK

Residential Plan  - £7 - 12.00 /mo 

Details & Links:

To read more about this provider, rate and write a review continue your visit by clicking on Vonage page.

VoIP logo

VOIPo is a leading VoIP service provider in the US, offers service to residential, businesses and resellers. The company was founded in 2006.

Products, Services Solutions: 

  • Residential VoIP
  • Business VoIP
  • Hosted PBX
  • Cloud Numbers
  • Reseller VoIP

Plans and Pricing:

VOIPo Residential Calling Plans

Details & Links:

To read more about this provider, rate and write a review continue your visit by clicking on VOIPo page.


Always refer provider's websites for current plans and services.

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