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Companies are switching to business VoIP service after learning quickly the benefits and low cost of VoIP. You know communication is the heart of any company, VoIP strengthens that core and enables you save your hard earned money. It also accelerates your revenue and increase your employees' productivity.

Hosted business VoIP service and UC growth

The following statistics shows you the continue growth of IP PBX, Hosted VoIP, Unified communications services and subscribers...

VoIP for business requirements

Although it depends on the size of the company, required number of phone lines and equipment the following requirement would for home office and small size enterprise:

  • Business VoIP phone service provider
  • Broadband Internet - e.g ADSL, Fiber Optic etc.. get a dedicated line (recommended) if your company can afford it to experience best voice quality
  • VoIP Hardware - based on your needs, this could vary from:
    • VoIP gateway terminals, IP Phones, Video phones,  IP PBX, conference station, etc..
  • VoIP Software: 
    • Desktop VoIP Soft-Phone, Hosted IP-PBX, SIP Trunking,Unified communications, Mobile apps/dialer

How VoIP for business service work

The following diagram shows you a typical multi-office VoIP deployment

Business VoIP - Multi-Office Tenor Gateways Deployment

Saving your company

Wondering how much would VoIP cost for your firm? Here an example for a start up and average monthly cost for small businesses (1-5 extensions)...

Equipment/Service One-Time Costs ($) Recurring Monthly Costs ($)
ATA, IP Phone, Other 0.00 - 750.00 0
Service plan/month 0.00 - 125.00 0.00 - 125.00
Activation fee 0 0
Total 0.00 - 1000.00 0.00 - 125.00

Note: It all depends on your needs and the size of your company. Plans and pricing vary from provider to another provider, refer to their current pricing. 

To meet businesses' need VoIP vendors create and develop various types of VoIP solutions. For medium and large sized businesses, VoIP providers usually supply detailed information and pricing of:

  • required equipments
  • software
  • VoIP deployment
  • technical and 
  • training support

Top 5 VoIP business phone service benefits

Cost-Effective - SAVE on your phone bills earned money and spend it on  something else. 

✔ Freedom & Flexibility -

  • Set up as many lines as you want - toll free, virtual number, fax etc..
  • Choose from your desired area codes
  • Work from home, office or anywhere - reduce travel time 

✔ Mobility & Portability - planning to move to a new location? With VoIP you will have less headache and set-up frustration 

✔ Quality of Voice - use management tools to manage your bandwidth and achieve high audio / video quality

✔ UC (Unified Communication) - unify your data, voice and video into one system. Including e-mail, voice-mail, fax, SMS and so on. Control and monitor your own phone system on the go (via the Internet)

Business VoIP Phone Service Providers

Provider Name

Monthly Cost

More Info & Details

Vonage Logo

From $19.99 - $24.99 / Month

Visit Vonage page

RingCentral Logo

From $24.95 - $44.95/Month/User 

Visit RingCentral page

Jive Logo

From $19.95 - $29.95/mo

More info about Jive

Nextiva Logo

From $19.95 - $29.95 / Month  

Visit Nextiva link

8x8 Logo

From $24.99 / Month - UP (Varies)

Visit 8x8 page

For more details or list of companies visit business VoIP providers.

VoIP books

These VoIP books are invaluable to read and give to your IT or network technicians...

VoIP for Dummies Book

  • VoIP for Dummies By Timothy Kelly

Tim provides real-world case studies and guidance to help you identify the many benefits of VoIP. Find out how he helped companies save millions of dollars. 

Switching to VoIP Book
  • Switching to VoIP By Ted Wallingford

Ted takes you in dept with technical, hands-on projects even configuring and installing IP-Phone, voice gateway, and other types of VoIP devices.

Where to find business phone service providers

Visit business VoIP providers page and see if there is a company located in your area. Remember to carefully chose the best VoIP provider as this will be your partner for everyday communication needs.

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