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Web conference call or VoIP web conferencing is one type of VoIP RTC (real time communication) system, used for webinars, online meeting, education, lectures, remote presentation and so on forth... 

What's Web Conference Call

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The Difference Between Web Conferencing and Video Conferencing

Web Conferencing vs. Videoconferencing vs. Webcasting

Who's it for?

Major companies depend on meetings, small, medium or large size businesses. By going VoIP / Virtual, businesses save time and money on traveling and accomplish a lot while spending less $$$.

Five Incredible Web Conference Call Softwares

Thanks to better technology people have more options at their disposal. Offices are not as rigid as they used to be. It is now easier to hold meetings without people having to attend physically thanks to web conference call software.

There are several such software, free and paid, offering services that are on the same lines. To help you select the right software explained below are five such software that deliver what they promise. In order to get good results make sure you select the right one.

Adobe Connect $55/month

We have yet to find a more customizable and capable web conferencing solution than Adobe Connect. This one sums up almost all the goods in one and is a complete web conference call tool in every regard. However, this software is not the right one for everyone due to its heavy price tag, which is why individuals and small businesses should give it a miss. However, the best part is that you can be on video conference with up to 99 people at the same time. This gives you access to not only share files but also desktops. Plus, this works on mobile platforms as well.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center $49/month

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center has fifteen years of experience to its credits and millions of satisfied users. The company does not rest on its laurels, but continues to improve its service. With this powerful software users can share videos and screens and up to six videoconferencing feeds. The software also offers mobile support and works like a dream. Just in case you have any issue you can always contact its support team that is ever ready to assist you.

Citrix GoToMeeting $49/month

Citrix GoToMeeting concentrates on ease and comfort without compromising on results. It has a simple infrastructure that is easy to comprehend. You can start a meeting with a click. This software supports 15 users at a time and allows toll-free call-in numbers as well. A corporate version of the tool is also available that offers more features. The service is also available on mobile devices, but is said to have some issues with compatibility. Nonetheless, Citrix GoToMeeting’s positives are hard to neglect.

Fuze Meeting Pro$69/month

Fuze Meeting Pro is comparatively new software but has already carved a niche for itself thanks to its incredible services and simple design. This software is pretty expensive, but has features that justify the price. This one works on almost every mobile platform so that users never miss on anything even when they are on the go. Its audio and video conference features are also top notch and offer amazing results. Its multiple monitor support option is incredible with H.264 camera feeds. However, its huge price is a big deterrent.

Skype 5.3 for Windows Free

The only free software to make it to the list is Skype that is one of the most famous and widely used web conference call software available today. The software also has paid services that offer better features including group calls (up to 5 people). Users can easily share files and communicate easily. This is actually a complete communication system with a phone-car like calling. The software is also available on almost all mobile platforms and works flawlessly.

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