VoIP Phone Solutions

VoIP phone solutions are various in types and services. Following are top VoIP services and solutions used in businesses and home/residential... 

Residential VoIP

A service designed for residential users. You can utilize your Internet (e.g DSL, Cable or other type of Internet access) and take advantage from VoIP based cheap local and long distance calls. Continue reading VoIP home phone service for more details. 

VoIP for Business

VoIP phone solutions reduce your high cost and increase your staff's productivity. Whether you have home based, small, medium or  large enterprise, VoIP will enable you stay on top of client and projects. That won't  result in staggering phone bills. More about VoIP business phone service

Hosted Telephone System

Minimize the hassle and headache of setting up a hardware and software by hosting your telephone systems with one of the leading hosted VoIP phone providers. Check out which provider offers the ideal one that meets your specific needs.  

Call Center

Have a large volume of customers? Outsource your call center, dedicate that and have a peace of mind while call center and customers are handled by the top call center providers. 


VoIP phone solutions takes your conferencing to the next level, whether you want to use PC, IP video phone or conference station. You will save traveling time and reach global market with VoIP conferencing. 


Unlike traditional PBX (Public Branch Exchange), you can do a lot with VoIP based PBX. Eliminate the hassle of wiring and investment in hardware and software purchase and leasing. Own or partner with IP-PBX providers. 


FoIP enables you to send and receive faxes through the Internet rather than using traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) lines. FoIP stands for Fax over IP and is also called IP Faxing, online Fax and eFax, 

Toll Free

Offer Toll Free numbers such as 800, 855, 866, 877, 888 to your customers; allowing them reach you at no cost. 

DID (Virtual Number)

Short for Dial In-Ward Dialing also known as DDI (Direct Dial In in Europe) and virtual number. Nowadays You can get DIDs for personal and business purposes. Companies especially can hugely benefit from this solution by offering customers a local number in a selected country or city across the globe. Meaning they will reach you via PBX as if you are a local company in their location.  

International Calls

Indeed VoIP has been the main alternative in saving on long distance and international calls. This is true as you can save 100% (e.g Skype to Skype = free) or pay much less than you would to local telecom and mobile operators. There is no comparison if you are calling to some expensive destination in Africa, Asia and other countries that are known for high rate cost. 

Wireless VoIP

Wireless VoIP phones look like typical mobile phones. They are part of stand-alone and easy to use VoIP devices


UC which is short for unified communications, the latest technology that enables you to integrate various types of communications such as Instant Messaging (IM), video conference, IP telephony and more in once place. In other word, you unify and collaborate your communications. 

Now, let me mention few companies that offer the above solutions and systems...

VoIP Solution Providers

Residential VoIP Phone Service Providers

Provider Name

Monthly cost

More Info & Details

AXvoice Logo

From $8.25 - $16.58 / Month

Visit AXvoice link

PhonePower Logo

From $8.33 - $24.95 / Month

Visit PhonePower link

ITP Voip Logo

From $9.99 - $24.99 / Month

Visit ITP Voip link

Vonage Logo

From $19.99 - $24.99 / Month

Visit Vonage page

Voipo Logo

From $15.00 / Month

Visit Voipo link

For more details or list of companies visit residential VoIP providers

Business VoIP Phone Service Providers

Provider Name

Monthly Cost

More Info & Details

Vonage Logo

From $19.99 - $24.99 / Month

Visit Vonage page

RingCentral Logo

From $24.95 - $44.95/Month/User 

Visit RingCentral page

Jive Logo

From $19.95 - $29.95/mo

More info about Jive

Nextiva Logo

From $19.95 - $29.95 / Month  

Visit Nextiva link

8x8 Logo

From $24.99 / Month - UP (Varies)

Visit 8x8 page

For more details or list of companies visit business VoIP providers.

VoIP Phone Service Reviews

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