Hosted VoIP PBX

A Hosted VoIP PBX is a solution offered by VoIP providers to businesses. When you switch to VoIP and prefer a hosted phone system, your company’s communication equipment/hardware will be hosted at your provider’s premise (a.k.a data centre). Meaning no need to purchase/invest expensive VoIP devices and PBX.

Hosted VoIP is also referred to as:

  • hosted PBX 
  • hosted business phone service 
  • cloud and...
  • managed VoIP

Your hosted business VoIP provider manages the complete system and routes all your incoming and outgoing calls.

Tips: VoIP is acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, a transmission of voice, data and video via Internet networks. For more details visit VoIP definition.

Hosted VoIP Adoption

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How it works

Who's Hosted VoIP PBX for

  • Small
  • Medium-sized and ...
  • Enterprise organizations

Hosted Vs On-Premise VoIP Solutions - Info-Graph

Hosted vs. On-Premises VoIP Comparison

Where to find the service/solution

The service and software solution is provided and hosted at ITSPs premises (Internet Telephone Service Providers). Of the VoIP providers to mention...

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