So Do You Depend On 
VoIP Phone Service Like I Do?

VoIP phones service is a communication technology that enables you to make and receive telephone calls via the Internet. It is pronounced as "V-O-Y-P" which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.

VoIP is also known as... 

  • IPT - short for ITelephony 
  • Digital phone 
  • VoB/VoDSL  - Voice Over Broadband / Voice Over DSL 

...and some other terms. They all mean the same and refer to VoIP phone service so don't get confused.

How VoIP Phone Service Advanced

You know in the 90s people used to ignore VoIP phone, perhaps because of its quality and it didn't resemble a regular phone. Over-time VoIP improved and nowadays is getting more preferred than the old phone system.

Let me take you through the system/methods that were introduced in-order.....

PC to PC, Device to Phone and Phone to Phone Calls
  • First:      Computer-based systems known as PC to PC PC to Phone calls 
  • Second:  Hardware based - Device to Device &  Device to Phone calls
  • Third:     Phone based - Phone to Phone calls

The Growth...

As I said above VoIP has advanced so much so it's gradually replacing POTs (Plain Old Telephone systems). The below figures show you the growing number of VoIP users and the market

Number Of VoIP Subscribers Growth
Global VoIP Market 2015-2021

Who Is VoIP Phone Service For?

Anyone who would like to ...

  • reduce telephone bills
  • would like have more than just a phone and 
  • communicate in many ways that is not possible with POTs 

It can be said this technology is everyone and every industry. Few to mention...

   > Residential consumers

 > Businesses of all size

> Governments, NGOs

...and more.

> International students



Who's left? I bet you belong to one of the above!

Advantages and Disadvantages (a.k.a Pros & Cons)

Let's mention the disadvantages of VoIP first... 

Cons / Disadvantages of VoIP phone service

  • Power outage - unfortunately, VoIP won't work your electricity cuts off. People in developing countries often face this problem
  • 911 Emergency call - VoIP won't perform well with 911. POTS are reliable for 911. Residents of Europe and North America depend on 911 when an emergency occurs

nowadays FCC is requiring providers to meet E-11 (Enhanced 911) obligations to solve the problem. E-911 is a system that automatically provide caller's ID number and location information to emergency service personnel.

Advantages / Pros

Obviously you will find the benefits of VoIP phone service numerous; I summed the main ones as: 

  • Cheap and/or Free - it costs you nothing in some cases very low. Compared to  local telecoms' rate. This will SAVE your hard earned money especially if you often make international calls like myself 
  • Freedom, Flexibility & Portabilityyou are not restricted to a limited location with VoIP. You can take your device and number wherever you go.  For instance; if you are from Toronto and travel abroad, your contacts can still reach you at your Toronto number. You can also make or receive calls regardless of where you are
  • Rich-Features - caller ID, call forward, call waiting, voicemail, video conference etc.. you get all these for free 

Tips:  You can even    

✔ make or receive calls for FREE  

✔  get free phone number and  

✔ get a telephone adapter device  

As you can see VoIP is a win-win situation for everyone. When we use VoIP for data, voice and video - we increase our productivity and eliminate high-charge.

Enjoy VoIPing!

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