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Never did I imagine that I would be part of this great technology and eventually create a website to share my experiences and interests with you. It all started in a small call-shop that provided cheap International calls via the Internet. 

We used to take advantages of the following free VoIP providers which are the pioneers in offering free VoIP calls.

Dialpad Logo

Dialpad communications Inc., was one of the first that offered free calls to North America. I talk more about the company about Dialpad on free VoIP phone service page

MSN Messenger Logo

MSN Messnger by Microsoft, similar to Dialpad MSN provided free calls to North America

Go2Call allowed us to make free calls to 47 countries mostly in Europe. Deltathree acquired Go2Call in 2007.

Nowadays Google does same by offering free calls to North America with its 'Google Voice'. More about about that on Google voice's page

2002 - 2003 The Years Of Growing and Interest

About 2001 and later, few companies started appearing in the market and provided better ways to make Internet phone calls. That enabled us call almost globally but not FREE, it used cost low rates per minute.

I continued to observe and discover new systems. One of the most interesting thing started to happening. I.e we longer depended on a computer to make phone calls. Instead we used the following devices:

Net2Phone Logo
D-Link Logo

I categorize all the above devices as ATAs (Analog Telephone Adapters) as they could only work with dial-up Internet access. Visit dial-up VoIP phone for more info or VoIP devices link for an overview of VoIP hardware equipment.

2003- 2006 More Discoveries

Found out two very good systems that were beneficial to people in developing countries:

  • Call-back 
  • On-site Calling card

In fact, I offered the first of its kind service 'on-site calling card in east Africa'. How? Using the below VoIP gateway which was one of the best at that time. 

And take a look at my hand-made calling card (printed)...:)

2006 - 2008 Advanced Solutions

It was in these years that I discovered more advanced VoIP based services and solutions such as:

  • Call-shop - advanced solution for call-shop owners, enables them to set up a gateway with few telephone booths and control all with a billing software
  • Cheap Global Roaming - mostly for business travelers sand tourists. They buy or rent a SIM card saved them on international roaming

2008 - 2010 The Refugee Migrates

Immigrated to North America and was shocked to find mobile/cellular services and international calls costs very high. 

2010 - 2012 The Site Was Born

Eventually created this site to share my story, experience with you and let your or everyone share stories, thoughts and comments. I thought it'd be fun to provide basic and candid information about VoIP as there are still many people out there wasting their hard earned money while they can take advantage of free VoIP phone service. 

2013 - 2015

Got caught by the rat race life in the West! Also working on expanding this site.

Amazing memories and the technology grew fast and still growing. Without VoIP we wouldn't be able keep in touch with our family and friends abroad nor would we afford the high cost per minute. It's become the era of smartphones and tablets. Mobile VoIP is slowly taking over as the case with What'sapp, Viber, etc...

2015 - Present - Update & Request

As you know there is only 24 hours in a day. VoIP is a huge niche and hard to cover majority of its topics. All the things you see on this site is done by ME alone. Not easy only one person to do that all, right?? But I am sure you will jump in and give a hand, with whatever help you can contribute. Won't you? :)

What you and I can do...

  1. Share... our VoIP experiences and stories

   2. Let others know about: 

  • Cheap and Free VoIP phone calls
  • VoIP devices, services and solutions
  • VoIP providers and reviews in their area

...and more.

Let's this "By You For You" VoIP website keep growing and useful!

Want to have your say? Sure - I'd love to hear from you, just use the below comment form.  For any other question or inquiry use contact page to reach me.

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