An IP PBX is a VoIP based central telephone system mostly used by small and corporate companies. This technology is similar to traditional PBX switching system, the difference is that calls are routed through the Internet networks rather than PSTN or circuit switched network. 


Let me quickly define the terms mentioned above..

IP-PBX is short for 'Internet Protocol - Private Branch eXchange'

PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network

VoIP is abbreviated for Voice over Internet Protocol 

You may also come across a term PABX which the 'A' is short for Automatic, nowadays vendors manufacture the devices to work automatically unlike old days manually or needed an operator to switch the calls. 

IP-PBX may come as VoIP hardware or software and can be programmed with soft-phone, sip phone and a VoIP gateway.

IP-PBX Requirements

  • desktop personal computer
  • IP Phones
  • Media Gateway (VoIP Gateway)

... and other VoIP applications

How An IP PBX System Works

Short Video - Two mins & 26 seconds (2:26)

And Its benefits

Another Video - Five mins and fifteen seconds (5:15)

Who needs it

  • Home based offices
  • Small - medium sized companies
  • Enterprises and/or corporates 

Where to find

There are plenty of vendors or managed IP-PBX solution providers who can meet your expectations such as:

  • Grasshopper Virtual Phone system
  • Fonality Hosted PBX

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