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A VoIP speed test software or speedometer is a tool that tells you what your current upload and bandwidth rate is.  When you experience bad voice call quality during your phone conversation try checking your Internet connection with VoIP speedometer. That way you find out if the problem is with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or VoIP provider.


1. As I mentioned on how VoIP works page - a single VoIP line requires about 100 Kbps of download and upload bandwidth. To guarantee or have a good quality allocate enough bandwidth and use a management tool especially if you are using VoIP for your business. 

2. Stop browsing or using your Internet for a while and..

3. Choose one the below speed test tools and click on "Start Testing" button..

Open Speed Test

One of the coolest HTML5 Internet Speed Test. You require no Flash or Java and this Broadband Speed Test will work on any web browser.

Powered by openspeedtest.com

How Much Bandwidth You Need?

A good content/article by Phone.com that explains further about how much bandwidth you need for a single VoIP line and multiple. The link for it can be found here...-> How Much Bandwidth Do I Need for VOIP? [opens in a new window]

Your VoIP Speed Test / Broadband Internet

We all experience some delays and hiccups during our voice conversation. Sometimes a page takes long time to load, sometimes you can't even open a page and other similar problems. That's not good especially when you have an urgent email to send or very important work to get done. Right?

There are many reasons why those problems happen, to mention one -  ISPs (Internet Service Providers) share your DSL/Cable line with other subscribers in your area (unless you have a dedicated line). In other words your Internet access is shared with your neighborhood. So, expect some slow connection and congestion at peak times. 

Those who have dedicated/private network don't experience slow Internet since they have guaranteed/allocated bandwidth. With these types of lines you enjoy fast and reliable Internet at all times. But dedicated lines are expensive - not everyone can afford it.

Corporates and enterprises subscribe to DS lines or similar networks, as they can not depend on the types of Internet you and I have.  For us - residential and small businesses' ideal Internet access are DSL and Cable Internet. 

After checking your Internet connection, you will find out if the problem resides with your ISP or VoIP provider. In either case you may need to consider contacting their technical support or switch to different one. 

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