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Let's talk about VoIP for personal/individual and VoIP home phone service. When you switch to VoIP. You utilize your Internet for making and receiving telephone calls via your DSL or cable Internet. 

Tips - VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Just in case you haven't checked VoIP basics & how it works pages which can also be found on the left navigation. Feel free to visit the links and learn more about the technology. 

UC, Business, Residential, IP PBX and Hosted VoIP Services Growth 2015 - 2020 WorldWide

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Over the past years, the demand of VoIP home phone service and broadband Internet access has increased rapidly. Some of the main reasons for the growth are:

  • Free and low cost benefits
  • Rich features such as voice-mail, caller ID, call waiting. Usually you get all these free of charge
  • Flexibility & Freedom - with VoIP you are not limited to a location and can choose a phone number in different area codes you want

VoIP home phone service requirements

  • high speed Internet (e.g DSL or Cable Internet)
  • A computer, laptop, smartphone, an ATA or one of the hard phone listed on VoIP devices page
  • any standard corded or cordless phone (not required if you buy an IP Phone)
  • VoIP soft-phone (optional)

Already have a broadband or high speed Internet? Good, all you need is an IP phone or VoIP ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter). You plug these to your modem or router as shown on the figure below.

How VoIP Home Phone Service Works

Residential VoIP Phone Call

Tips: Does your VoIP adapter come with more than 1 FXS Port? Take advantage of the extra ports available in it.  As I mentioned on VoIP devices link, most VoIP ATA comes with two RJ-11 ports meaning you can connect two stand alone telephones to it. Or use the first port for telephone and the second for fax (as shown above).

Also you can use them to get two separated VoIP lines/numbers. For instance, you want to have two separate lines. Request your provider to assign two numbers for your VoIP device. Then you will be able to have two lines / phone numbers and make simultaneous calls. 

Good news for you or your family budget

Wondering how much would residential VoIP cost you? Check the following typical start up and average monthly cost...

Service/Product One-Time Costs ($) Recurring Monthly Costs ($)
VoIP adapter 50 0
Service plan/month 9.99 - 19 9.99 - 19
Activation fee 0 0
Total 59.99 - 69 9.99 - 19

Note: residential provider's plan vary, refer to their current pricing. Some companies offer very low price like $4.99 per month. Usually this price will be for limited plans, e.g. 500 minutes per month. When you exceed that limit you pay additional few cents per minute. While other providers may offer you unlimited and very low cost on annual fee basis (e.g Ooma and MagicJack).

Always, make sure to read the fine print of terms and conditions!

Tips - VoIP home phone service

1. When switching to VoIP I suggest you to keep your traditional telephone line unless you completely depend on your cell-phone and want to get rid of your old phone company. Let me tell you few reasons why you I'm recommending to keep your old line as a back-up:

  • during power outage your VoIP line will not work
  • suppose something goes wrong with your provider or its service shuts down, you won't be left without an alternative line
  • in-case of emergency - better & safer to use your mobile phone or PSTN land-line for 9-1-1 call

2. Get your own VoIP device (known as BYOD - Bring Your Own Device). Do not lock yourself with one provider! When something happens or you feel like changing a company, simply cancel your subscription and switch to another company. Thanks to the competition - you will find plenty of service providers around. 

3. Last but not least… If you are like me (I make a moderate amount of international calls), check your provider's international rates and compare it with others. Not competitive? Try a reliable prepaid calling card. I depend on PIN-Less phone cards, I find it to be the best solution for calling back home. 

The good news is that there is always an option with VoIP!

Residential VoIP Phone Service Providers

Provider Name

Monthly cost

More Info & Details

AXvoice Logo

From $8.25 - $16.58 / Month

Visit AXvoice link

PhonePower Logo

From $8.33 - $24.95 / Month

Visit PhonePower link

ITP Voip Logo

From $9.99 - $24.99 / Month

Visit ITP Voip link

Vonage Logo

From $19.99 - $24.99 / Month

Visit Vonage page

Voipo Logo

From $15.00 / Month

Visit Voipo link

For more details or list of companies visit residential VoIP providers

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