VoIP Basics

This VoIP basics page provides you an information about main IP telephony call methods. The main ones are PC based, device based and phone based VoIP phone call methods. I will also include in addition, an intermediate and advanced VoIP systems.

PC Based VoIP Basics

In PC based method we can categorize into three types: 

1. Click to Call 

2. PC to PC Call and 

3. PC/Web to Phone Calls

Click to call is a VoIP application that enables you to make or schedule a free call-back service. Click to call is also known as:

  • call me now
  • request a call
  • web call back
  • click to talk 
  • schedule a call
  • Click2Phone

Note: Cick2call is a toll free number or service. Some might get confuse by this. Visit click to call link for more details.

PC to PC call is an IP Telephony term short for Personal Computer to Personal Computer Call. When VoIP was developed back in the 90s and started building momentum; PC based phone call was the most (if not the only) used method. That's probably the reason the method is known as PC2PC VoIP call. See the below figure...

Check PC to PC call link to learn more about PC to PC.

Intermediate VoIP 

PC or Web to phone call is similar to PC to PC, the difference is in PC2PC call originates from computer and lands at another computer (e.g Skype to Skype) while with PC to phone, the call ends at a regular telephone line. The below figures shows you calls made using a dialer software and browser based...

With the above image you would need to download a software such as Skype, yahoo messenger, MSN etc.. But when you use browser based such as 'call from Gmail' (see below) no software or download required.

Refer to PC to Phone call link for more info about this type of system.

Advanced VoIP

As VoIP started to advance, more ways and methods have been developed. At first different kinds of VoIP devices then it became possible to use landline and mobile phones to access VoIP remotely.  

Device Based VoIP Calls

As the words hint, you depend on devices for this method. Meaning using any of the below listed VoIP device to place a phone call to another device and/or regular phones. Names and types of VoIP devices:

  • VoIP USB Phone
  • Dial-up VoIP Phone
  • VoIP Phone Adapter (ATA)
  • Wireless VoIP phones
  • IP Phone
  • VoIP Gateway
  • Internet Video Phone
  • IP-PBX
  • VoIP routers
  • VoIP Switch

For more details about IP telephony hardware visit VoIP devices page.

Phone Based VoIP Calls

This type of method is advanced and could mean when you make a call from an on-site and off-site places:

1. On-site: using a corded and cordless phone that is connected to a VoIP gateway/terminal. This can be at home, office or callshop, call center etc. For instance, if you ever visited a call-shop to make a long distance or international calls; you may have noticed a VoIP gateway being placed or set up behind an operator to bypass your phone calls.

2. Off-site: on this case your calls would be re-routed remotely. Such VoIP solutions are known as calling card, call back and mobile call-shop systems. You would note require an Internet and/or VoIP devices.

Types and names of phone to phone solutions:

Call-shop: Fixed and Mobile callshop 


  • Phone based Call-Back
  • Web based Call-Back
  • SMS based Call-Back
  • HTTP based Call-Back
  • E-mail based Call-Back

Calling Card (also known as phone card):

  • Post-paid and Pre-paid calling card

mVoIP (Mobile VoIP) Dialer software or apps on:

  • Smartphone and Tablets 

That's all for VoIP basics. Briefly summarized intermediate and advanced VoIP systems or solutions.  

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