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Click to call is one of the latest VoIP application that allows you to make or schedule a free call-back. It is also known as call me now, request a call, web call back, click to talk and schedule a call. Note that it is not same as toll free numbers or service.

The whole process is done using a widget or button embedded on a website. The button can be placed on:

  • banner ads
  • email links or attachments
  • hyperlinks
  • websites / web pages

How Click To Call Works

For website owners / service providers....

You get to chose a widget or text to place on your site and set it up with your call center....

  1. embed the code on your web site and place it where your site visitors can easily see it
  2. visitors click on the widget and enters a telephone number
  3. your provider's server calls your visitor 
  4. your visitor answers then the server dials your call center's phone number
  5. the server connects you and your visitor - that will be time to assist and answer your prospect's question

Courtesy of IBN Tech LTD.

For customers/ website visitors...

  1. visitor clicks on the "call me now" button
  2. select where you'd like to get the ring - on your PC/Laptop or to your regular phone number
  3. wait for the provider's server to call your number or computer
  4. answer the call and listen to IVR (Interactive Voice Response) message (e.g please hold on)
  5. provider's server dials the call-center of the company or web site owner
  6. server connects you both - once the call is established time to talk for free

Advantages of Click2Call for site owners

Site owners

  • easy use & embed on your site
  • lead your competitors with latest technology
  • low cost
  • you chose between widgets, hyper-link & attachment through email
  • let your prospects know when you are on-line or off-line


  • easy to use and free of charge
  • better than toll free number (no long hold time)
  • time saver - ask and be sure before you buy or sign-up
  • convenience - initiate and receive the call back wherever you wish - PC, laptop, fixed or mobile phone 

Disadvantages for visitors

oracle offline click to call message
  • "off-line message" this is not good when your call is urgent and have a question or would like to buy the product/service ASAP. Usually you get a message that look like the above image

For a list of companies that offer the above service visit Click to call providers.

Click to Call
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