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PC to PC call is an IP Telephony term for Computer to Computer calling system. When VoIP was developed back in late 80s and early 90s; PC based phone call was the most if not only used method. That's probably the reason its called PC2PC VoIP calls.

PC to PC Call Requirements

  • Internet connection - such as dial-up, DSL and Cable Internet
  •  a software known as VoIP soft-phone. You download this from VoIP provider's website
  • a web-cam for video chat (optional)


When you get tired of a headset or headphone, you can use a device like VoIP USB phone. You attach this to your computer or laptop. That will give you similar comfort of a regular telephone. For advanced use see VoIP devices.

How PC to PC Call Works

Alternative and advanced VoIP systems have been developed following to the above basic method or technology. Here some of them:

  • PC to phone / Web to phone call
  • device to device & device to phone
  • phone to device call

Benefits of PC to PC Call

  • FREE - I don't know of any provider that charges for PC to PC calls
  • transfer and share files - sometimes sending files through soft-phones is better than attaching and sending them through email
  • FREE video chat - using a web-cam you can have real time face to face chat with your family and friends


  • sometimes downloading soft-phone applications on your computer or laptop can be a hassle
  • you always depend on a computer and your talk buddy have to sit or be on a computer too
  • poor quality - voice and video calls on PC/laptop may not be as good as when using a VoIP devices. Internet traffic congestion and slow Internet connection are usually the main reason for poor quality and delay. Should you experience that check your Internet speed using these VoIP speed test tools.

PC to PC Providers

Now, let's mention some of the first pioneers that offered PC based IM and calls:

As you know the number of companies that offer similar systems have increased tremendously. Visit PC to PC providers page to check out, comment and recommend more companies.

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