VoIP USB Phone 
An Alternative To Headset/Mic

A VoIP USB phone looks like cordless phone which comes with USB connector. You connect that into the USB port found on your computer or laptop. It is plug-and-play VoIP device that improves your PC to phone calls experience.

So, you do not need a headset or microphone when you use a USB phone.

VoIP USB phone requirements

  • Dial-up or broadband Internet access

How VoIP USB phone works

The following diagram demonstrates it with Skype's soft-phone...

VoIP USB  Phone to Phone Call Diagram

You will find different types and designs of USB phones in the market. Let me mention two manufacturers for now:


  • This is made by a Chinese manufacture called Yealink. They have about five types.

  • This one by a Taiwanese manufacturer called Welltech.


  • no need for a headset or a microphone
  • You feel as you are using cell-phone
  • Easy to install


  • You always will depend on your computer or laptop
  • similar to VoIP soft-phone voice quality may not be as good as when you use a VoIP phone (ATA or IP Phone)
  • It is not free

Advanced USB Phone

Magic-Jack by YMAX Corporation you probably have heard about this device, it is the latest and advanced device. We can say the best and smartest solution until now.

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