Magic Jack? What Is It?

Magic Jack is an advanced USB VoIP phone type that works with any type regular corded or cordless telephone handsets. It lets you make an incoming and outgoing phone calls via the Internet. With the first product you had to plug it to your personal computer or laptop; however, you no longer require a computer these days.

The company was invented by Dan Borislow, founder of YMAX Communications Corporation and launched in 2008. It claims having sold over 10 million units since product launch. MJ/YMAX has merged with VocalTec Ltd as of July 2010. 

Since the product launche YMAX has introduced about three types or versions of USB phones. 

Magic Jack Product Announcements 


Magic-Jack First Version









➦ broadband/high speed Internet Access

➦ a personal computer or laptop with a USB port

➦ corded or cordless telephone 

Magic-Jack now comes with three ports:

  • USB Port - where you plug to your computer/laptop and/or power outlet
  • RJ-11 port - provided for your corded or cordless phone
  • RJ-45 Port - where you plug Ethernet cable to your Internet modem

Unlike other types of USB VoIP phones, MJ gives you the freedom to use your regular phone rather than depending on a headset/microphone. On top of this you get North American telephone number and make unlimited free VoIP calls to Canada and USA. That's a huge PLUS.  

At first only USA numbers were available but the company does provide you Canadian phone numbers nowadays. Not all area codes are available though.

Set Up 

  • Using MJ with your computer/laptop
  1. Plug any household phone into MJ (RJ-11 port)
  2. Then attach your MJ into the USB port found on your computer/laptop


  • Using MJ with your high-speed Internet 
  1. Plug your Ethernet cable that comes from your modem into the Ethernet interface port on your MJ (RJ-45 Port)
  2. Plug any household phone into MJ (RJ-11 port)
  3. Connect the MJ USB into power adapter then into the power outlet
how Magic-Jack works with Highs-peed Internet by MJ

How Magic-Jack Works

How To Activate magicJackGO | magicJack

Customer Service, Billing & Complaints

Although the device is free and/or cheap VoIP service; many users express dissatisfaction with the company. Most of the frustrations and complains seem related to:

  • installing / un-installing the firmware/software
  • customer support
  • updating

For instance, Harold Chandler from Maryland tells us his story below "Not a good experience for me".

One of my family member who used to live in Egypt used it for more than 2 years. We often had a chat rarely did I notice bad quality.  Considering the type of Internet they have over there.

In contrary another relative from USA could not use it and decided to return the device within 30 days.

How about you? What are your thoughts & experience about MJ? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Using my access email and password I paid inadvertently for several subscriptions and accounts which do not work for me. I notified both Magicjack customer …

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