Do You Make Free VoIP Calls? 

Let's see which free VoIP calls provider you depend on. As you know we have plenty of options nowadays. Especially finding freebies to North America has always been easy and will most likely stay like that. I will list some providers below, just hoping you are not spending lots of $$$ to keep in touch with friends and family while you can make that call for free. 

Wonder why some companies offer free service? Visit about free VoIP phone service article; I talk about that in-detail with an example of a company that did provide free pc to phone calls back in late 90s.

You know it depends on what method of call you want to apply when you make free VoIP calls. Let see the providers below by the application and type of service they offer:

  • Free PC based calls
  • Free VoIP device/ATA based
  • Free Mobile / Smartphone Apps 

Free PC based calls

The easiest and old method is PC based VoIP Calls. Turn your desktop or laptop computer into making free Internet phone calls. Below are the most popular providers...

Free VoIP Providers

Provider Name

Monthly cost

More Info & Details

Skype Logo

 Skype-to-Skype Calls - Free

 To landlines & mobiles - PAYG 

Visit Skype page for more details

Google Voice Logo

 Calls to North America - Free 

International Calls - PAYG

Visit Google Voice link for more details

FreePhoneLine Logo

PC to Phone Call = Free

Home Phone = $4.95 / month

Visit ooma article for more details

For more details of the above companies visit free VoIP providers.

PAYG is short for Pay As You Go. You buy credits such as $10, $20 and get charged on per minute basis. Every company provides you A-Z rate tables to worldwide countries. Each country, city, fixed and mobile rate varies. 

Device based free VoIP calls

Unlike PC based freebies, it might not be possible to make totally free of charge calls when you want to use your VoIP device. The reason is that companies let you sign up and pay or select a plan first. Then you can make free calls to another user or off-network lines.

So you have two options:

  1. configure your own ATA with free VoIP providers. We will see how below
  2. sign up with cheap providers that offer you a device and unlimited calls 

1. In this case, your bet is to become a bit more tech savvy and find a way around. By configuring/programing a VoIP adapter with with free providers such as Google Voice and Free Phone Line (also known as Fongo). How? Let's see how it's done..

OBi ATA and Google Voice Setup

Courtesy Of Obiha

You see the above figure, Obihai lets you setup their ATAs (models - OBi202, OBi100 or OBi110) with GoogleVoice. Following is a short YouTube video that shows you how to setup OBi device...

2. Your other option..providers such as Ooma, MagicJack and Nettalk offer almost free (very cheap cost) on monthly or yearly basis signups. 



More Info

Cheap VoIP Providers

Provider Name

Monthly cost

More Info & Details

CallCentric Logo

 From $6.95 PAYG 

Visit Callcentric link Logo


Visit link

Magic Jack Logo

From $0-$5/Month - $35/Year

Visit magicjack link 

ooma Logo


 From $ 3.98 - $9.99 / Month

Visit ooma article for more details

netTalk Logo

 From $3.32/Month ($39.95/Year)

Visit netTalk link

For more details of the above companies visit cheap VoIP providers.

Making free VoIP calls from mobile/Smart-PHONES (mVoIP)

You guessed it! We see nowadays almost everyone using popular apps such as Skype and Whatsapp and many other applications to make calls from mobile/smart-phones.

Beside the companies that do offer similar service the following companies offer free mobile VoIP...

Mobile VoIP Providers


Pricing - Per Month/Year

More Info

Viber Logo

 Free Viber-to-Viber calls = Free

 Viber Out = See Rates

Visit Viber link for more details

Whatsapp Logo

 First Year Free

 Second Year 0.99 $ / Year

Visit whatsapp page for more info

Line Messenger Logo

Line-to-Line Calls = Free

To landlines & mobiles = See Line Out (Call Credit, 30-Day Plan & Line Coins)

Visit Line article for more details

Tango Logo

 Tango-to-Tango Calls = Free

Visit Tango link for more info

Messenger Logo

Messenger-to-Messenger Calls = Free

Visit Messenger page for more info

For more details of the above companies visit mobile VoIP providers.

Whatsapp Logo

 First Year Free

 Second Year 0.99 $ / Year

Visit whatsapp page for more info

Tango Logo

 Tango-to-Tango Calls = Free

Visit Tango link for more info

So which ones do you use or know similar company or service to share with us? 

Free VoIP Phone Service Tips

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