Which Free VoIP Provider Do You Use?

A free VoIP provider is an Internet phone company that offers free VoIP call. Usually, it allows you to make calls to specific countries; for instance, to Canada and the USA. As it is impossible to give away freebies globally. When you try to call to countries especially in Asia or Africa, You will incur some charges (small fee on per minute basis/PAYG (Pay As You Go) sometime monthly plan).

To learn how and why a company would offer free calls visit free voip phone service explained page.

Now let's mention some of the most popular free VoIP providers...

Free VoIP Providers

Provider Name

Monthly cost

More Info & Details

Skype Logo

 Skype-to-Skype Calls - Free

 To landlines & mobiles - PAYG 

Visit Skype page for more details

Google Voice Logo

 Calls to North America - Free 

International Calls - PAYG

Visit Google Voice link for more details

FreePhoneLine Logo

PC to Phone Call = Free

Home Phone = $4.95 / month

Visit ooma article for more details

For more details of the above companies visit free VoIP providers.

Skype Logo

Skype is the most renown and powerful VoIP soft-phone used by millions of people around the world. Founded in 2003 by Skype Communications SARL; the company has been acquired by Microsoft in 2010. 

Products, Services & Solutions:

✓ Free Instant Messaging ✓ Audio Calls ✓ Video Calls

✓ Online meetings ✓ Sharing ✓ Office integration

Plans & Pricing:

Skype to Skype = Free  

Skype-out = Pay As You Go

Business - Visit Skype link

Details & Links:

To read more about this provider, rate and write a review visit Skype page.

Google Voice Logo

Google Voice a free VoIP service call offered by Google Inc. Yes, Mr. Google did get into VoIP space few years ago. With this service initially known as 'Call from Gmail', you make free calls to the United States and Canada. Plus other features. See details below.

Products, Services & Solutions:

✓ Free PC to Phone Call  ✓ Free USA Number 

✓ SMS to Email               ✓ BYOD & Mobile App

✓ Number Portability       ✓ Conference Calls

✓ Voice mail

Plans & Pricing:

  • Free calls to North America

Details & Links:

To read more about this service, there's a google voice page dedicated. Check it out.

FreePhoneLine Logo

FreePhoneLine.ca provides free PC to phone call service to major Canadian cities. It's a media-based soft-phone application that allows users to register a free phone number and place/receive calls. Users can also forward their calls to another phone line across Canada.

Freephone line is now powered by Fongo (which owned by Fibernetics Corporation)

Products & Services:

Free PC to Phone Call     ✓ Free Canadian Number 

✓ Home Phone                  ✓ BYOD

✓ Number Portability ($25 fee)   

Plans  & Pricing:

  • PC to Phone calls - FREE 
  • Fongo Home Phone - $4.95 monthly fee (here is when it becomes not FREE but cheap) You will either purchase a VoIP adapter or configure with their server if you already have one. See FPL link below for more details
FreePhoneLine.Ca Fees & Plans

Details & Links:

To read more details visit free phone line page and comment, rate/review.

Other free VoIP providers...

Here are a list of free mobile VoIP providers:

Mobile VoIP Providers


Pricing - Per Month/Year

More Info

Viber Logo

 Free Viber-to-Viber calls = Free

 Viber Out = See Rates

Visit Viber link for more details

Whatsapp Logo

 First Year Free

 Second Year 0.99 $ / Year

Visit whatsapp page for more info

Line Messenger Logo

Line-to-Line Calls = Free

To landlines & mobiles = See Line Out (Call Credit, 30-Day Plan & Line Coins)

Visit Line article for more details

Tango Logo

 Tango-to-Tango Calls = Free

Visit Tango link for more info

Messenger Logo

Messenger-to-Messenger Calls = Free

Visit Messenger page for more info

For more details of the above companies visit mobile VoIP providers.

Which one of the free VoIP provider listed have you used and which one you like most? If your provider is not mentioned here, feel free to share it with us! Using the comment, rate/review form below.

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