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Is anyone expecting Google to run for president anytime soon?  It seems that the mega-corporation has a hand in virtually every industry under the sun.  Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but when it comes to the Internet, and the technology involved, Google will assuredly release their rendition of that product.  So, here we are taking a look at Google Voice.  

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By once again helping you manage information, Google Voice gives users the ability to get transcripts of phone calls as well as quick searches of SMS texts.  Cheap international calling is making this a very popular carrier choice for businessmen, migrant workers, and just about anyone else curious about the VoIP technology.

Acquisitions & Expansion 

Grand-Central Logo


Google acquired Grand-Central on March, 2007

It is worth mentioning that Google is always expanding its reach, and the technology is adding features at an alarming rate, but no one realized what the Internet giant was up to when they purchased Grand-Central.  The reliability of Google combined with their propensity for delivering an array of services to consumers in exchange for the use of their search engine ensures that Google Voice will be a mainstay in the industry.  As phone carriers clamor for a foothold in an industry obviously shaken to the core, the emergence of companies like Google as players must scare the traditional communications powerhouses. 

The software is localized to Google’s servers, giving you the ability to make these calls without loading your computer with various software that you’ll rarely use.  Much like GizmoCall, the web-based VoIP calling service, Google Voice is taking advantage of those wishing to make cheap or free international calls without signing up for long-term arrangements or expensive hardware. 

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Google acquired Gizmo on November 12, 2009.

In March 2009, this exciting service was born after it replaced Grand-Central. 

Further Announcements & launches 

  • Jan 5, 2010 

GV on the Nexus One

Google Voice for iPhone

Jan 26, 2010 - Google Voice mobile web app for iPhone OS 3.0 and higher and Palm Web OS devices

  • March 21, 2011

Sprint teamed up with Google. Sprint subscribers can integrate GV features into their phones. Google Voice integration with Sprint is now live.  

  • Dec. 13, 2011

Google extended free calling within the US and Canada through 2012

  • March 22, 2012

GV for Android mobile made available 

  • Dec 26, 2012

Google Voice remains through 2013

If you’re looking to take a stab at VoIP calling, give Google Voice a look.  The service is easy to use, and can at least give you a feel for the technology.  As you get comfortable, you can then research your options with a bit more knowledge, and know what the ups and downs are to each provider.  Hardware isn't necessarily required, but you may want to pick up a VoIP phone once you realize just how much money you are spending under your old (well, ancient) calling plans.

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