How I used Google Voice in Canada

by Rid

I did the following simple steps.....

1. I used proXPN (a proxy server) to hide my IP address and show as if I'm in USA. This short video tells you what a proXPN is...

Got it? Great!

2. Then I signed up a new GV account and chose an area code in Arizona as my brother lives there.

3. I Forwarded my new GV # to my cellphone seamlessly. It's nice Google Voice works with Canadian 403 area code. I live in Alberta and have a 403 number.

You live in other province or don't have a 403 number? No problem, you can get a free phone line here. It is a free number service offered by a VoIP provider based in Ontario. Yes, It's FREE.

Once you have your GV and free FPL number with 403 area code, now you can forward all incoming calls to your home or cell phone....

GV # ----> FPL # ----> home / cellphone # = FREE

So, how did you do? Share your experiment!

Sadly it doesn't work anymore, read the update on the following related and updated link... How To Use Google Voice In Canada

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