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How to make free calls?

Communication is a necessity of most human beings. Instinctively we try to come into contact with other human beings. More often than not we have geographical distance coming in between our communication skills. So we need to find a way to bridge the distance. The best thing that human beings have come up with, to establish communication irrespective of distance, is telephonic communication. 

As helpful as it may seem there is a major problem faced by those trying to use telephonic communication and the problem is that of expenditure.

Free VoIP Home Phone Service

National calls may cost you a dime or two while an international call may end up costing you an arm and a leg. So it is very important to find an alternative. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has been the most successful substitute of regular telephony services. The need for free home phone service has been recognized by almost every individual around the world.

There are now ways of being able to make these free calls from the comfort of your home. VoIP is the most affordable option for those wanting to make free or cheap calls from the comfort of your home.

How can VoIP let you make free phone calls?

One must first know what VoIP really is. Essentially it is a system that uses Internet Protocol instead of regular analogue telephone services. To be able to make VoIP calls you need a VoIP gateway or device, which is essentially any device that can access the internet to make phone calls. You also need a VoIP server to provide you with the internet service.

Software is also to be downloaded to configure the VoIP device. If you own a cordless or any other analogue telephone then you can connect it to the internet, as well, to convert the phone into a VoIP enabled device. Once you know how VoIP works you can count on it to provide you with free home phone service.

How to select your home phone server?

Selecting a VoIP server is a big task. There are many companies that offer VoIP software, devices as well as service. Different companies may offer different service plans at different prices. Each company wants to trump the other. In that effort to get more customers there are newer and better offers. If you want then you can do a proper market research to find out the companies that offer the cheapest and best service in the market. Depending upon the server that you opt for you can get free home phone service.

How to use your VoIP device?

Once you contact any VoIP server you will be provided with both hardware and software to enable your VoIP device to make free calls. You can plug in the adapter and then connect your softphone to it. This is all that it takes to enable your VoIP device. But this does not answer the question of free home phone service. The reality is that even by installing a VoIP device you will not be able to make free phone calls.

You need to subscribe monthly to the service provider and generally the local phone calls can be made for free while international phone calls may cost a nominal amount. However software such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger provides you option of making free audio and video calls over the internet. 

Free VoIP Providers

Provider Name

Monthly cost

More Info & Details

Skype Logo

 Skype-to-Skype Calls - Free

 To landlines & mobiles - PAYG 

Visit Skype page for more details

Google Voice Logo

 Calls to North America - Free 

International Calls - PAYG

Visit Google Voice link for more details

FreePhoneLine Logo

PC to Phone Call = Free

Home Phone = $4.95 / month

Visit ooma article for more details

For more details of the above companies visit free VoIP providers.

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