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Did you know that you can get free VoIP number and use it for incoming or outgoing calls? If not, yes you can depending on your country and where you want to use it. There are many ways to have one or more VoIP lines for free.

To learn why some companies offer free VoIP numbers and calls visit free VoIP phone service article. 

Free VoIP number providers in North America

Live in North America? Check out the following free VoIP number providers in Canada and USA...

FreePhoneLine Logo provides free PC to phone call service to major Canadian cities. It's a media-based soft-phone application that allows users to register a free phone number and place/receive calls. Users can also forward their calls to another phone line across Canada.

Freephone line is now powered by Fongo (which owned by Fibernetics Corporation)

Products & Services:

Free PC to Phone Call     ✓ Free Canadian Number 

✓ Home Phone                  ✓ BYOD

✓ Number Portability ($25 fee)   

Plans  & Pricing:

  • PC to Phone calls - FREE 
  • Fongo Home Phone - $4.95 monthly fee (here is when it becomes not FREE but cheap) You will either purchase a VoIP adapter or configure with their server if you already have one. See FPL link below for more details
FreePhoneLine.Ca Fees & Plans

Details & Links:

To read more details visit free phone line page and comment, rate/review.

Google Voice Logo

Google Voice a free VoIP service call offered by Google Inc. Yes, Mr. Google did get into VoIP space few years ago. With this service initially known as 'Call from Gmail', you make free calls to the United States and Canada. Plus other features. See details below.

Products, Services & Solutions:

✓ Free PC to Phone Call  ✓ Free USA Number 

✓ SMS to Email               ✓ BYOD & Mobile App

✓ Number Portability       ✓ Conference Calls

✓ Voice mail

Plans & Pricing:

  • Free calls to North America

Details & Links:

To read more about this service, there's a google voice page dedicated. Check it out.

CallCentric Logo

CallCentric was founded in 2001, located in New York, USA. The company is part of the Callcentric Wholesale group of companies and has been providing VoIP services to end-users since 2005.  

Products, Services & Solutions:

✓ IP Freedom

✓  Pay Per Call

✓ N.America 500

Plans & Pricing:

Details & Links:

To read more about this provider, rate and write a review visit CallCentric page.

It is often easy to find free number in North America, the challenge remained in other countries. Providers such as CallCentric (above) are not 100% free but very cheap about $2.95 per month per DID. Others you will need to configure a VoIP softphone or ATA with their server. Other companies to mention:

And more...know a company that providers totally Free #? Feel free to suggest using the form below

Free # providers in other countries

An alternative to freebies you can find easily some companies that cheap or low cost DID on monthly based fee. I will leave this to my visitors. Suggest free number provider especially in Europe and the rest continents. Know one? Share it with us.

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