What Is WiMAX Doing 
To Telephone Service?

As we watch videos of spacecraft, satellite launches, and wireless electricity, it’s no wonder that we have come to expect the very best from our technological advances.  Now that we are finally getting Wi-Fi standards to a regularly accessible standard, the ability to make voice calls via the Internet is moving forward at a very rapid pace.  

Wireless networks have already been utilized by several telephone companies, and the same technology that has given us VoIP calling will soon allow us to make these calls from anywhere on the planet to anywhere on the planet.  All of these developments are made possible because of WiMAX and the exploration of Mobile WiMAX.  From this vantage point, it’s hard to tell if the planet is getting smaller, or we’re simply getting larger.  Either way, call as you wish, because the technology is finally reaching its potential!

It’s understandable to assume that this technology is only applicable if you’re savvy to these types of things, but this isn’t true.  The truth of the matter is this:  if you can operate a telephone, and you know how to hook up a modem, then you’re already where you need to be to make digital, internet phone calls.  VoIP calls are taking the world by storm, causing massive overhauls in the way telephone providers operate.  In America, WiMAX is already doing test runs with mobile VoIP technology, and in other parts of the world, Samsung has found ways to implement the service for consumers.  


Courtesy of Gemtek

It’s only a matter of time until broadband juggernauts team up with the WiMAX service providers, and we’ll be equipped to make digital voice calls from anywhere to anywhere.  The communications industry has been the beneficiary of quite a few changes in technology, and with the developments lending digital feeds to cellular service, the question posed before has been answered:  the planet is definitely getting smaller.

The explosion of digital VoIP calling is bringing those separated by immense distances closer together.  International business is being boosted by the cost efficient service.  Another group benefitting:  migrant workers.  The ability to have clear, limitless conversations with overseas relatives has proven too great an opportunity to let pass by.  Regardless of the use, being able to dial anywhere you wish for a flat rate is luring many away from the grind of a monthly telephone bill.

If WiMAX continues on its current path, there will be incredible changes on the horizon.  If a single network ties everyone together, and you are able to make calls from any Wi-Fi hotspot, then it’s obvious that cell phones will change in perception and application.  Derive what you will from the technological advancement, but be sure to check out how this revolution can help you!  VoIP calling isn’t the future, it’s the present, and once you give it a shot, you’ll never tear another phone envelope open.  Besides, what are you really losing?  You were probably pretty upset when it came in the mail anyway…

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