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Internet Video Phone

An Internet video phone is similar to IP phone, it just comes with extra embedded video camera so that you can use it for live face-to-face communication. So with this type of device you can virtually see/view the person you talking to, not only place and receive VoIP phone calls.

Cisco Unified IP Video Phone

Internet Video Phone Requirements

  • high speed / broadband Internet

Again the basic requirements of Internet video phone is same as IP phone. You won't find much difference. Click on my IP phone article to compare and if you find any difference other than camera.

How Internet Video Phone Works

Internet Video phone benefits:

  • No computer needed except for initial configuration
  • Much better than web-cam
  • ease to install - you just need to follow your installation guide
  • it's a stand-alone and all-in-one VoIP device

Disadvantages you might find with Internet video phones:

  • you may need an assistance to configure your video phone initially
  • you may need a static IP address (means your IP address should be same every time you connect to the Internet) depends on the type of device
  • you will probably need to allocate/separate bandwidth to ensure quality and avoid voice/video latency

Enjoy your real-time audio and videophone technology.

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