VoIP Switch

A VoIP switch or soft-switch is a server device used for connecting IP based telephone calls. The VoIP calls are routed over the Internet from origination to destination, meaning from IP based networks to circuit based networks (PSTN).

VoIPSwitch Switches

VoIP switch requirements

  • broadband Internet (dedicated better) 18.3 kpbs per call with static IP address
  • desktop computer with windows operating system
  • MySQL server database

Internet telephony service providers (VoIP providers) use VoIP switch to provide origination and termination services / solutions. They can manage all VoIP based services such as:

  • Post-paid and Pre-paid phone services
  • Callback
  • Callshop
  • DID numbers
  • Origination and Termination

And many more...

There are two types of VoIP softswich and classified as:

  • Class 4 - designed for service providers to communicate with other softswtch carries, manage and control their wholesale traffic, IP protocols
  • Class 5 - VoIP providers use this to control, manage, bill and provide services to end users

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