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How to Make Free VoIP Calls To And From States

As the world has advanced in the field of science and technology a lot of solutions have come up for our everyday problems. Out of the problems faced by man today, communicating abroad poses a great problem since international phone calls are highly expensive. Communication within a country can also become quite expensive. With the increase in call rates around the world the call rates within the United States of America has also gone up drastically.

This drastic rise in call rates has posed a major economic problem. The search for ways around call expenses have led to many solutions. The availability of free USA VoIP services has been a boon. Availing free VoIP in USA is not a difficult task and it is a cheap substitute for analogue phone calls. If you want to make free VoIP in USA then you can contact many different free USA VoIP service providers. Whether you want to make calls from or calls to USA, VoIP is a good option.

Setup needed to make VoIP calls

When using VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol you require both VoIP hardware as well as software. You can use your regular analogue phone and by connecting it to the internet can use it as a VoIP device. You can also convert your personal computer into a VoIP device by installing devices through which you can both talk and hear. After installing all the hardware you need to install software.This you can do by contacting VoIP service providers.

You can find free USA VoIP service providers online. These service providers offer their internet calling services at nominal monthly subscription fee. Although this means that the calls are not really free, you have to pay a certain amount to avail the services. At the same time one can argue that after paying the subscription fee all calls made are free of charge. So, VoIP calls can be made free of cost after initial subscription.

Online free calling

Apart from the regular VoIP service providers you can also avail the free calling facilities offered by the likes of Google Voice and Yahoo Voice. These online calling facilities can be availed using your laptop, personal computer and even the latest smart phones. You need to register if you want to avail the free calling services, but after you register you can easily get the free calling facilities.

These facilities may not be on offer all around the world but you can avail them in USA. So, using such free call providers you can communicate within USA or with people based in countries which have the services of these providers.

A few links on VoIP

If you want to enable VoIP in your home or business then help may be a phone call away. Depending on your location you can contact VoIP service providers. Below are a few websites that can give you more information on free VoIP in USA.

Apart from these links you can easily find other websites which can offer VoIP solutions. So, before contacting any service provider near you conduct a thorough research. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Free VoIP Providers

Provider Name

Monthly cost

More Info & Details

Skype Logo

 Skype-to-Skype Calls - Free

 To landlines & mobiles - PAYG 

Visit Skype page for more details

Google Voice Logo

 Calls to North America - Free 

International Calls - PAYG

Visit Google Voice link for more details

FreePhoneLine Logo

PC to Phone Call = Free

Home Phone = $4.95 / month

Visit ooma article for more details

For more details of the above companies visit free VoIP providers.

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