Can One Make Free Calls To India?

The need for communication has grown since the world’s economy has become highly dependent on each other. The need for better jobs has also driven people to leave their countries in search of jobs available around the world. This has caused major communication gaps which need to be bridged.

The only way of bridging this gap is by allowing people to make calls (both audio and video) around the world. When it comes to communication there is great need for connecting all the major economic centers of the world.

India is a country whose economy, although a budding one, is crucial to the world economy. So, communicating with India is important. Phone calls to and from India can cost a lot, so regular phone calls are really not an option. VoIP offers the best solution for making cheap phone calls to and from India. But we see free calls to India may be a hoax. There are many advertisements you may find that promises free call to India but how reliable are these advertisements? Before clicking on links that promise free calls to India, it is best to research.

Can free calls to India be made using VoIP?

We all know how VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol works. It enables us to make phone calls using the internet instead of regular telephony services. If you want to make VoIP calls you must install proper hardware. Then you must subscribe to VoIP service providers who offer calls cheaper than regular telephone service providers. Using VoIP devices you can make cheap phone calls around the world.

This does not allow you to make free calls to India. Although you can make calls at much affordable rates they are certainly not free. You need to pay the service providers to subscribe only then can you make the calls. So, no matter which VoIP service provider you approach you may not be able to make a free call to India unless they running a promotional campaign.

Free calls using virtual number

You can buy virtual numbers which belongs to India. By buying the virtual number you essentially have an Indian phone number which can be used to make calls to India at the rates offered there. The rate of local calls is obviously much less than the rates of international calls. So, if you have a local number you may be able to save up. Yet we see that local call rate by no means is equivalent to making free calls to India. A virtual number may not be the solution to your search for making free calls.

Free calls using online applications

There are many phone as well as computer applications that offer free calls. Applications like Viber and Skype may offer free calls to be made to India. Yet most applications, like Nimbuzz, require special recharges that you must have to enable the call facilities. Here are a few links that can give you more information on how to make free or cheap calls to India:


Looking online may give you many options of making free calls to the India but it is best to not trust every website that you come across.

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