Looking For A Free VoIP Phone Number Or Device?

Is there something called free VoIP phone device or a number? Yes, there are providers that offer you free number and ATA (phone adapter).

Though, it's rare to find free VoIP phone device given (unlike free VoIP number) even by the leading VoIP providers. If you dig into some provider's promotions and offer you may find few that they do actually give a free device. Sometimes with string attached i.e you might be required to commit a year or two years plan / contract agreement. Then you are locked with the company for a year up to two-three years.

A smart way to attract and entice you to sign with the provider. The type of devices that usually offered are as follows:

  • Phone Adapter (ATA)
  • DECT Phones
  • free VoIP Phone
  • free VoIP Gateway

Two examples of free VoIP phone device providers are Phone.com and Vonage Phone Adapter.

Free Grandstream HT702 VoIP ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) 

Grandstream HT702 VoIP Adapter

Phone.com says:


List Price $84.00

*First device is free with discount. Second device is $39.95

"Use this adapter (ATA) to connect your existing analog devices such as home phones, cordless phones and fax machines to use them with Phone.com service. 

  • Two standard (analog) telephone ports
  • Vertical stand

For more information and details about ...

-> Phone.com's offer visit IP Phones and Devices link.

-> Grandstream HT702 ATA check this Datasheet

-> The rest Grandstream HT series check HT Series User Manual 

Free VoIP ATA ( The Vonage Box™) 

Vonage Phone Adapter

Vonage says:

The Vonage Box™ is a VoIP phone adapter that connects your existing phone line to your high-speed Internet.

  • Works with existing cord or cordless phones.
  • Supports up to 2 Vonage phone lines.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Small and Portable - works virtually anywhere in the World with any high-speed Internet connection.
  • Includes a VoIP networking router.

Original Price: $79.99

Instant Rebate: - $79.99

Charge Today: $0.00

Shipping fee may apply for AK & HI.

For more information and details about Vonage's free VoIP device visit their site:

-> Canada  Free VoIP Phone Adapter & Router 

-> United States Free Vonage Phone Adapter

For other types of freebies VoIP check the following related links and free VoIP providers link on directory page.

Know other company that offers free VoIP phone? Suggest by commenting below: 


Both Phone.com and Vonage no longer offer the above free ATAs (VoIP phone adapters). They took down the pages that used to list the free VoIP device.

  • Phone.com replaced Grandstream HT702 ATA with Grandstream HT802 and Grandstream HT802
  • As for Vonage's ATA (which it calls The Vonage Box™), you won't easily see or find on their website other than support page. 

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