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Man being a social animal has always had the need to communicate with fellow human beings. Distance has always been a problem in communication. The need for long distance communication has gone up drastically in the past few years. Human beings have come up with apt solution for their communication problem.

Immediate transmission of audio messages can bridge all communication gaps. Telephone calls have enabled human beings to exactly do that. But phone calls are not enough to satisfy the need for communication since telephone calls have become very expensive.

IP Phones

This has made communication a big expense, but communication remains necessary. To resolve this problem Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP offers calls at highly cheap rates. You may be able to get your hands on a free IP phone, using this free VoIP phone you can make free calls or calls at negligible prices.

Once you get a VoIP device you can freely make calls, but you do need to subscribe to VoIP service providers at nominal monthly rates. So, VoIP is certainly worth a try.

Is it possible to get a free IP phone?

The answer is Yes and No. Although VoIP providers usually charge you at least discounted price. Few have started to offer free ATA, DECT and VoIP phones nowadays. But not totally free as you will be required to sign up a plan for at least six months. That’s what makes the answer NO.  

So VoIP devices are always for sale at affordable prices but it is nearly impossible to find a free VoIP phone.  There are a few VoIP service providers that offer free IP phones for a trial period or as special offers. But if you want to get a free VoIP phone then you need to wait for any VoIP service provider to start such promotional schemes.

The wait defeats the purpose of buying the device since you need to make phone calls at high rates till you get such a deal. In all probability the service provider may not come up with any such offer. So, waiting for a free IP phone might be a bad idea.

Other alternatives

If you do not wait for a free VoIP phone then you can easily get a VoIP device that allows you to make free phone calls or phone calls at very low rates. You can buy a smart phone that can easily act as a VoIP enabled device.

If you already own an analogue telephone then you can convert it to a VoIP enabled device by connecting it with the internet. You may need help of professionals to convert your analogue telephone to a VoIP enabled device but it can be done.

Where to look and find free IP Phone Providers

There may be more service providers who offer free IP phone. More input on free VoIP phone is always welcome. Please add comments if you ever got a free IP phone and how did it happen.

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