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Sipura Technology Inc. used to supply the famous VoIP Phone Adapters  SPA-2000. The company has been acquired by Cisco in April 26, 2005.


Thanks to the sharp increase in the availability and pervasiveness of broadband connections to the Internet, fast-growing segments of the telecommunications landscape are adopting Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as a primary method of carrying voice and fax calls. Using IP, a service provider or enterprise can build a secure, tightly integrated multi-service communications network that operates on a lower cost structure than existing leased line and circuit-switched alternatives.

Sipura Technology's products, comprised of VoIP CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) and station endpoint equipment, help bring an exciting new world of communication services to customers and profitable new revenue streams to operators.

We at Sipura fully recognize an established service provider or enterprise needs to provide minimum service disruption while maintaining maximum possible revenue streams when integrating a new technology or service within their network infrastructure. For next-generation providers, rapid build-out and transparent interconnection with the PSTN are crucial. Sipura Technology offers service provider and enterprise customers solutions that support efficient and cost-effective services that can be deployed and managed on a large scale.

VoIP Equipment (Hardware and Software):

Sipura made the following VoIP ATA and IP Phones

  • SPA-1000
  • SPA-1001
  • SPA-2000
  • SPA-2100
  • SPA-3000
  • SPA-3102
  • SPA-9000
  • SPA-Series IP Phones 841 & 941

More About Sipura and Contact Info


Jan Fandrianto


Sipura Technology Inc

Cisco Systems Inc

Employees #


Business Years


Address:   560 S. Winchester Blvd,

Suite 500, San Jose, CA 95128 

Phone: (408) 572-5670  

Fax: (408) 572-5671

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