Record Phone Calls With VoIP 

The recording of phone calls has always been an interesting venture.  Before doing anything, one must consider the legalities involved, not to mention the ethical ramifications.  However, we aren’t here to discuss ethics or law, so instead, let’s take a look at the various VoIP options giving you the ability to record phone calls. 

A phone call recorder comes standard on many VoIP providers’ standard services. Google Voice, for example, gives users the ability to retrieve text documents of any calls made over their phone lines.  Some elements of this can be spooky to some, as many argue about the various risks involved with such a free sharing of information. Well, welcome to the Information Age!

Once a digital file has been created, either in .wav or .txt format, you can save these to your hard drive.  In business, this will be very beneficial, and in many cases, can save lots of court room battles or lawsuit issues.  But, how does a VoIP user record phone calls?  Well, we’ve come quite a long way since using an old tape recorder and putting the other party on speaker phone. 

The use of a VoIP softphone will ensure that a digital rendition of the conversation exists.  After all, it had to be converted into a digital format to send across the Internet, so why not make a small archive of the file, as well?  There are plenty of “clean-up” tools at your disposal also.  You can make a recording of your VoIP conversation, run it through any number of on-board software devices, and immediately have a clearer version of the file.  This may not seem important to some, but when it comes to business calls or certain personal situations, there can be incredible benefits.

The onboard ability to record phone calls doesn't even make a mark considering what VoIP has done to the communications sector, but the technology is worth mention.  Be sure to consult legalities before recording any conversation.  Just because the capability is available, it doesn't mean that it’s legal.  Usually, getting consent to record is a good practice, and you’ll have the respect of the other individual for your honesty.  Use these tools for their intended purposes, and you’ll reap yet another benefit from your VoIP capabilities. 

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