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iCall is one of the players in giving away free VoIP calls to North America. Unlike today, it changed the way it offers products and services. The company used iCall used to offer free unlimited long distance calls to Canada and the United States. Competing with Skype and NetZero with its VoIP softphone at the time.  

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iCall is a Voice over IP business phone system that allows users to place phone calls over computer or mobile networks. iCall offers service packages scalable to your business needs at a low cost. With new competitive international rates, and no hardware to purchase, iCall allows users to get connected with staff or clients globally as a low cost from any platform. Create and share as many phone numbers for just $2 per month and enjoy over 20 features for your business phone.

Here are what the old softphones looked like:

First iCall Browswer Based Softphone 2006
iCall SoftPhone 2006

Products and services

  • Free iCall-to-iCall Calls
  • International Calls
  • BYOD / SIP Client
  • mVoIP
  • DID numbers

VoIP Equipment (Hardware and Software):

  • SIP Devices & Desktops BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), VoIP ATA
  • Soft-Phone
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch 3.0)
  • Android


  • Call Recording
  • Call Transcription
  • Share Phone Number

Plan Prices

  • International Calls - see rates.
  • Inbound US & Canada phone calls 2 cents / minute
  • Phone number $2/month per number

Note: Companies change their plans constantly so ensure these pricing are current by visiting provider's site as listed below.

More About  and Contact Info


Arlo C.Gilbert Andrew H.Muldowney


Senico, LLC

Employees #


Business Years

2005 - Present

Address: 1505 Federal St Dallas, TX 75201 United States 

Phone: + +1 214-377-3111    

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Pricing - Per Month/Year

More Info

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