How Does Vonage Work?

Vonage is one of the most famous phone services today, yet many people are still unaware of how exactly it works. To help you understand it in a better way given below are answers to all your Vonage related questions.

What Is Vonage?

Before knowing how exactly it works, it is first important to know what exactly it is. In simple words Vonage is a VoIP service that lets people use their existing Internet connection to connect on the telephone. With this service there is no need to have a second phone line as everything runs with the help of the Internet.

All that one need is a high-quality Internet connection. DSL or cable connection is preferred as it provides high speed, which is required for a strong Vonage connection. The basic Vonage plan comes with several add-ons to enhance the service and give better results. To use this service all you have to do is use the router to route your calls using the internet to your handset.

Now to the main question, how does Vonage work? Fortunately, Vonage is a simple and easy to use tool that does not require any complex understanding or specialized knowledge. Actually, you will not even feel any sort of difference as far as making or answering calls is concerned. Phone calls are placed normally and the person on the other end does not even realize that you aren't using regular phone lines until you tell that.

The process of transferring the call to the internet is very quick and does not result in any sort of delay. The conversation is transferred to a router where it is transmitted to Vonage after it has been digitized. The data is translated back into a phone signal that is then sent to a phone line anywhere. This service does not have any limitations and the data can be sent anywhere around the world, which means that there is no need to have any other service when you have Vonage.

Vonage Phone Adapter

The Cost

Vonage is much cheaper in comparison to local phone companies. The basic plan begins under$20 a month and includes up to 500 minutes. The company also offers unlimited plans that are priced below $25/month. The company always tries to reinvent itself by offering new and improved plans.

It has recently added business plans that offer free international calls. Most plans also have free calls to selected locations including Canada.  Plus, you can add a second line as well for only $4.99/month. However, make sure you keep yourself updated regarding the plans and prices as they are often revised.

The installation is simple and easy and can be completed in two days. All you have to do is reach the company and it will send the experts to perform the job for you. Make sure everything works fine before giving your nod so that there are no troubles. Lastly, in order to enjoy the service fully make sure you understand every point correctly.

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›› How Does Vonage Work?

›› How Does Vonage Work?

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