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As the world comes closer geographical distance remains a big problem. This distance is what causes great problems when it comes to communication. Gone are the days when trade and commerce is limited to only one village. The communication need has become greater since there is now need to communicate with people around the world.

The rising rate of call is not making the situation any better. As prices soar there is the compelling need to find a cheaper alternative.

If you have business contacts or loved ones in Australia then communicating with them can cost a lot if you go for regular telephone services. If you live in Australia and want to connect with those living abroad then it might be equally costly for you. Either way there is a need for a cheaper solution.

If you are looking for Free VoIP in Australia then there are many service providers you can opt for. The service provider you avail will depend on whether you want to make calls from Australia or to Australia.

How to make VoIP calls from Australia?

If you are looking to make calls from Australia then you can contact any of the providers that offer free VoIP services in Australia. Most companies do not offer absolutely free calls whether national or international. On buying the required VoIP hardware you need to avail the services of VoIP service providers. Different service providers offer different rates. You need to first subscribe to VoIP service before you can make calls.

Most companies offer free national calls once you have subscribed but international calls may incur a nominal cost. So, Free VoIP in Australia is not really ‘free’. You can compare the rates offered by the different service providers to determine the most profitable offer.

How to make free VoIP calls to Australia?

If you are based outside of Australia and want to make calls to Australia then you need to contact service providers near you. Most service provider will not offer free international calls so you must keep that in mind when purchasing your virtual number. If you purchase an Australian virtual number then all calls that you make to Australia will count as national calls. This will allow Free VoIP in Australia and you can save money on calls.

Applications that allow free calls

There are many online applications that you can download to your personal computer as well as smart phones. These applications may allow free international and national calls to individuals using the same application. Online applications like Google Talk and Yahoo Talk can also be availed in Australia to make free calls. If you download these applications then you need to be sure that those you want to communicate with have the application as well. 

Few links on VoIP services in Australia

If you are unsure of the service providers and their rates then it is best to conduct a research. Most information about rates and service providers are available online these days. A few links that may help you get more information on Free VoIP in Australia are: Residential Plans VOIP Service Providers in Australia

Have you ever used free VoIP service to make calls from or to Australia? Or do you have any questions about free VoIP service in Australia? If yes, then use the comment box and let me know.

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