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A VoIP softphone is an application VoIP software that you download on your computer or laptop to a telephone via the Internet. This type of method was the first system developed and most used in the early years of IP Telephony.

Typically a VoIP soft-phone has a dial-pad where you browse its features such as phone book, chat, and voice-mail. You can also adjust volume, access call history and do more things. It looks like this...


To make a VoIP phone call using the above software you need the following:

1. A laptop or a desktop computer combines with a headset and a microphone

VoIP headset

2. Internet access such as ISDN, DSL, Cable and so on

3VoIP service provider

How it works

Pros and Cons of VoIP Softphone


  • Free and available to download from providers website
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used for IM (Instant Messaging), Voice and Video call


  • You depend on your laptop/computer and a VoIP headset
  • It's not like a hard phone that you can touch and feel
  • Voice quality may not be as great as when using a dial-up ATA or other types of VoIP devices


✔ Want to avoid downloading a software on your computer? Use browser based soft-phone (a shown on the above diagram)

Beside a softphone application for PC and laptop, nowadays mobile dialers on PDA and smart phones are becoming popular

Early Pioneers

The following providers are the early pioneers; in other words, the first ones to offer PC-to-PC and PC to Phone call services:

MSN Messenger LogoMSN Messenger

Latest Top VoIP Softphone Providers

Keep taking advantage of free VoIP PC and mobile based application. After-all it is very handy and portable that can be used from anywhere we go.

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