"So do you want to depend on
VoIP Phone Service like I do?"

Not so long after I left my home in 2000, I discovered VoIP phone service. VoIP which is pronounced as "V-O-Y-P" and stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol is a great technology that allows you send and receive telephone calls via the Internet.

VoIP is also known as IP Telephony, Digital Phone, Internet Phone and Voice over Broadband. So don't be confused when you come across these terms. They all mean the same.

Previously, people ignored VoIP because of its quality and because it didn't resemble a regular phone handset. However, it has improved, nowadays preferred over traditional telephone service.

Here are how some VoIP phone service improved overtime...

  • Pc to Phone - calls made from computer/laptop to land-line and mobile phone
  • Device to phone - calls made from VoIP devices such as ATA and IP-Phone
  • Phone to Phone - without depending on Internet or device meaning.. VoIP based services like call-shop, call-back, prepaid phone cards and mobile VoIP.

I like how Google summed up telecommunication history in this short video...

Who needs VoIP?

    ✔ Residential consumers

    ✔ Businesses - regardless of their company's size

    ✔ International students

    ✔ Refugees and landed immigrants

    ✔ Tourists

Benefits of VoIP Phone Service

  • Cost-Effectiveness - SAVE your hard earned money; especially if you make long distance and international calls.

  • Rich-Features - such as caller ID, voice mail, call waiting, conference calls and voice to e-mail. You get all these for free.
  • Freedom, Flexibility & Portability - you are not restricted to a limited location with VoIP. For example; you are from Toronto and travel abroad. Whenever someone (family, friends or employer) calls your Toronto number your VoIP device will ring at wherever you are.

As you can see VoIP is a win-win option for everyone. It helps you eliminate your high charges, increase your productivity and strengthen your communication.

Choose VoIP as main system for your data, voice and video applications!