VoIP Fax / FoIP

VoIP fax also known as FoIP (Fax over Internet Protocol) is as technology that enables you to send and receive fax via the Internet network. Unlike with the old method - you would use a traditional line or ISDN line provided by your landline phone company.

Other terms used:

  • Fax via Email (Email to Fax) 
  • Internet Fax (Online Faxing)
  • Virtual Fax


Here are the general requirements for VoIP Fax:

  • Fax machine (that can work with T38 protocol)
  • VoIP ATA or Gateway
  • Fax software 

When you use online fax service you avoid all the above requirements and obviously will depend on  your desktop, laptop or smartphone.  

How it works

You can send fax by using a hardware or just a software (or both can be done). The diagram and video below demonstrates further.

If you want to use a traditional fax machine, you will need a VoIP ATA/gateway T.38 capable or compatible. Should you just prefer to use the online faxing (VoIP fax), some companies can provide you online fax service through email (Fax to Email). So that helps you eliminate the hardware. 

Courtesy of 3CX 

Tips - there are three things that we need to distinguish: Voice, Data and Video. In this case, VoIP fax should be categorized as data where as VoIP phone call as Voice and Video conferencing as "Video".

Who is for?

Anyone who sends and receives fax moderately can take advantage of IP faxing. In most cases it is the companies that send and receive  big number of faxes. Among them would be:

  • SME
  • NGOs
  • Government offices

Where to find VoIP Fax

Already subscribed to VoIP for your home or personal use? Check if your provider offers IP faxing solution. If not look for VoIP fax providers. There are companies that only offer this service while some others combine it with VoIP products and solutions. 

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