VoIP and FreeSwitch

VoIP and Freeswitch

The problem of communication has been sorted due to years of technological advancements. Yet the problem of economy has forced mankind to look further. The solution to our economic problems has also been found. You can make free or cheap calls using the internet which is the solution. By having a VoIP gateway at your service you can make local calls for free and international calls at nominal rates. But to be able to use the call facilities you must first install a softphone that acts as a VoIP gateway for all sorts of communication. While configuring your VoIP gateway you can take the help of freeswitch.

What is Freeswitch?
When we talk about freeswitch we are talking about software that can help you configure your VoIP device. This open source communication platform is licensed under Mozilla Public License. The software is not just for VoIP gateways it can also be used on other telephony platforms which are stable. The software essentially utilizes the easily available software libraries to help your device perform the functions that you want it to perform. The software is not just limited to audio platforms but also allows the transmission of videos, texts and other media as well. This explains why the software is integral for a large number of devices and applications

Operating systems and applications that support Freeswitch
The freeswitch software was originally been designed for a number of operating systems. These operating systems were:

· Linux

· Windows

· Mac OS X

· Unix


But today we see that freeswitch can be installed on a large number of devices. The software can be installed onto smart phones which do not have the above mentioned operating systems. The software had been evolving to be usable on the newer operating systems. It can support popular applications like Skype and GoogleTalk. In conclusion using the freeswitch you can set up your VoIP device easily.

For more information on FreeSwitch you can visit this site http://www.freeswitch.org/

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