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Where telephonic communication fell short we saw the rise of a substitute. Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP serves as a more economically sound alternative to regular telephony services. If you want to make VoIP calls then there are a couple of things that you must take care of. You must first set up a VoIP device then you need to get a paid or free VoIP server.

What is a VoIP server?

A VoIP server is the most essential thing needed to power up your VoIP device or gateway. It is generally like a service provider. The server helps you connect to the internet to make free or cheap calls. You essentially need to download the application to configure your device server. There are many online companies that offer VoIP server applications. You can download and install them yourself. The availability of free server is a subjective one. You can get a free VoIP server online but generally they cost you a nominal sum. It is best to not download random applications that promise free VoIP server.

How to install a VoIP server?

There are many server application providers, like Asterisk, that offers the server applications for download. Once you download the application configuring it is not difficult at all. The applications come with installation guides which you can read before you start installing it. If you want to save up on time then you can just read the instructions as they come during the installation procedure. After installation most companies offer manuals on how to use your server. So, you can configure your VoIP server all by yourself.

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If you want to check up on a few links on VoIP servers then you are sure to come across them online. Here are a few websites which will help you to get more info on VoIP servers:


3cx IP PBX


Voipeasy Free PBX Software

You can now setup your VoIP server and make VoIP calls.

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