Eco-friendly side of VoIP

With the ongoing technological advances and eco-friendly practices that happen nowadays, more and more companies become motivated for giving their share of contribution to better and greener environment.

To make their workplace more efficient and pleasing for employees, a great many businesses give their preference to VoIP. The latter serves as a unity of various converged services at the same time combining a lot of features that may help business become more environmentally friendly.

Here are some of the benefits companies may reap from using VoIP for greener business:

1. Choosing VoIP as a tool to handle the overall internal and external communication first of all implies less power consumption since VoIP services need only Internet connection without using an abundance of additional equipment or lines.

2. VoIP makes it possible for employees to do the same type of full-time work from home with the opportunity to handle business phone calls directly on their own mobile or landline phones. This option will obviously result in traffic pollution reduction as well as will save more on water, electricity and gas at the office.

3. In addition, VoIP allows employees to set up communication and videoconferencing with their colleagues, partners and business unities to any corner in the world without any tiring plane travels. This comes in handy not only for employees who don’t feel like being on constant business trips, but also for the environment, since it cuts down the number of people who travel by plane, which in its turn minimizes the amount of toxins airplanes release to the environment.

4. Another green side of VoIP is also the reduction of the amount of paper and ink used, since IP faxing allows employees to have all the documents arranged through digital units.

5. Overall, VoIP supports long distance calls that are safe, eco-friendly and come without any wires set in substances that are potential carriers of dangerous chemicals.

So it’s time for you as well to step in hand with green industry, switch to VoIP services Voicebuy offers and let your business flourish in a more eco-friendly environment!

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