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Address: MS 35, 440 N Wolfe Road,

Sunnyvale, CA 94085, USA

Phone: 855-452-3375


ClickDesk / 2Desk Corp.

ClickDesk provides click to call, a cloud based service that lets you communicate with website visitors and received phone calls directly from your instant messengers.

ClickDesk integrates with your existing IMs (gTalk, Skype and more) allowing you to answer your live chats and calls on your desktop or mobile reliably.

ClickDesk is provided by 2Desk an application software company based in Sunnyvale, CA & Hyderabad, India.

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Professional VoIP Solutions

Mizutech is a privately held software firm committed to provide market leader software solutions. We specialize in VoIP software development using the latest standards and technologies and are supporting our partners with next gen technology to become or keep their leadership in telecommunication using our NGN VoIP solutions.

Contact Information:

Address: Str. Vulcan, Nr. 109, 500188 Brasov, jud. Brasov, Romania

Phone: +40373741407


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